For lawyers

Are you looking to obtain vital statistics and/or information from the population register, required for legal proceedings you will enter into at the request of your client? And are you running into a brick wall corresponding with a municipality about this? Or perhaps you require further genealogical research to be undertaken or need to obtain information from other countries? We can help!

Genealogical research

You will receive a signed report from us, based on the results of archival research, that holds the requested information, the validity of which we would gladly confirm in Court in the capacity of expert witness (whether or not pursuant to article 194 of the Dutch Code of Procedure). At you request we will also obtain the necessary vital statistics such as certificates of birth, marriage and death from the Netherlands and beyond. If such proves necessary, these documents will be legalized and provided to you bearing an apostille.

Finding heirs in the Netherlands

From time to time we are asked to trace the whereabouts of a person of interest within the framework of legal proceedings. Although this is certainly something we can help you with, we do have to conform ourselves to the General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect in Europe on May 25th 2018 (read these guidelines from the European Data Protection Board). Among other things, the GDPR stipulates that the controller needs to have a legitimate interest and that the subject be informed about the processing of his or her personal data. Furthermore, (additional) security measures have to be taken when personal data is transfered outside of the EU and EEA areas.

Catchment area

Our catchment area spreads out all over the world. Through our extensive collaboration with international colleagues, we are able to conduct genealogical research in and obtain documents from virtually every country. This also enables us to come up with result efficiently. For many of your colleagues we have already conducted research countries such as Surinam, Portugal and Germany.


We work with an hourly rate basis, tailor-made for the intended research. Based on the information provided to us we will be able to calculate this hourly rate and present to you a custom quote, taking into account all circumstances of the research.


Tracking down living persons and processing personal data requires keeping due discretion and confidentiality. Several sources are at our disposal for such research, some of which can only be accessed by someone that possesses a sufficient competence such as a family member or a legal professional, which is why we always ask our client to provide a power of attorney.

We conduct research under license [for private investigative firms] allotted to us by the Ministry of Security and Justice (POB 1403), always conforming to the General Data Protection Regulsation (GDPR) implemented in the EU on May 25th 2018. Pursuant to article 13 section 1 of the 'Wet particuliere beveiligingsorganisaties en recherchebureaus (Wpbr)' [which law applies to security companies and private investigative firms] (former) employees of have an obligation to observe duty of confidentiality. For more information regarding genealogical research in general, feel free to have a look at this website.


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